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Open Breweries 2015

This year also Sardinia will attend the recent event “Birrifici Aperti” (Open Breweries), established only in 2014 but already highly acclaimed and ready to kick off the second edition, to be held on 19th and 20th September 2015.

This event was born by the purpose of offering beer enthusiasts an opportunity to visit the breweries so that they can learn more about the production process of this beverage that, with nothing to envy to wine, in recent years has earned a remarkable position in food and wine tourism.

brewery-lara-birrificioBeer Tourism” is in fact a constantly growing phenomenon and with the increase of collective interest, it is also increasing the visibility of many small companies that, at international level, testify and promote the excellence of our country in this field too.

In light of the great success of his debut, for 2015 edition the organizers of Birrifici Aperti are collaborating with various local administrations and some tour operators, with the aim of organizing a program of side events and create holiday packages “tailor-made” for the participants, which include accommodation, meals and, of course, the unmissable tastings.

To represent Sardinia will be the “Microbirrifico Lara” in Tertenia in Ogliastra which, founded in 2009, will present the creations of master brewer Gianni Piroddi. Eight beers, including several weizen and an IPA, to suit all tastes and intrigue all palates.

Really interesting initiative that will offer pleasant moments in the company of other fans of this sector, interesting tastings of craft products of excellent quality and will allow you to discover, know and appreciate another of the many Sardinian excellences sardines: beer.

The season continues at Capo Ceraso Resort!

At Capo Ceraso Resort holidays continue! The period in which holidays coincided only with the month of August is finished, the season has now become much longer, opening already between late April and early May, to then continued even until the beginning of October.

capo-ceraso-resortIn the light of these new habits of holidaymakers, also the season of our Resort revolutionises itself with the aim of maintaining the same level of quality for the whole duration of this new, long season.

Until September 26th, in fact, you can taste delicious breakfast at Bar Vega, or enjoy refreshing cocktails at the Beach Bar. To let you savour the local delicacies, the staff of the Restaurant Sabores is waiting for you, ready to surprise you with tasty and original culinary creations, made with fresh and genuine ingredients.

The beach, fully equipped, and the wonderful swimming pool will be at your disposal, for relaxing moments in the sun and rejuvenating swims or fun games with children.

ristorante-sabores-capo-ceraso-resortAll this to make it even more memorable your holidays, during which you can venture into pleasant walks in the 16 hectares of park of Mediterranean maquis that surround the Capo Ceraso Resort and enjoy the breathtaking views offered by the privileged position of the Resort, located on a panoramic promontory that opens over the Marine Park of Tavolara and Capo Figari.

Enjoy a last glimpse of summer, be enchanted by the changing colors and enveloping scents of Sptember Sardinia: come and discover the Capo Ceraso Resort!

For info and reservations: +39 348 6527823 or visit our website.

Autumn in Barbagia 2015

At its start on September 4th 2015 the 14th edition of “Autumn in Barbagia 2015, the event that since 2001 has become a must for lovers of Sardinia, but also for those who are looking for the perfect occasion to know it.

program-autumn-barbagia-2015This year, the fascinating journey to discover the island will begin on September 4th in Bitti. The 2015 edition includes the participation of over 28 municipalities, which until December 13th will be the setting of a picturesque route through the traditions and typical products of Sardinia. Visitors will be offered the chance to appreciate the typical Sardinian culinary and handicraft excellence, to observe production processes, to understand its origins and, in the case of manufactured goods, their deeper meanings.

As a background to this exciting experience, the stunning landscapes of Sardinia, its vivid colors, its pristine nature and the magical atmosphere typical of places that hold centuries of history.

Autumn in Barbagia is an incredible opportunity to explore the many aspects of a multifaceted land, all equally captivating, a sort of excursion into a parallel world where time stands still to offer to whoever ventures in a moment of absolute tranquility to fully taste its various shades and impress upon the mind a wonderful and unforgettable memory.

Sardinia wins over Expo 2015

Not even a month after the inauguration ceremony and Sardinia has already won over many visitors of Expo 2015.

sardinia-wins-over-expo-2015Globally renowned for cheeses, wines and pastries, Sardinia amazes guests of its pavilions with two products that are less known, but equally valuable: bread and pasta.
Video clips that illustrate the manufacturing processes of traditional breads and pastries typical of the island run on giant screens installed in the spaces of Cibus, Eataly, Federalimentare and famous names of Italian excellences.

For those who still do not know them, it will be a pleasure to discover firsthand textures, flavors and fragrances of these tasty Sardinian wonders. The choice is varied, starting from breads: modizzosus, carasau, civraxiu, pintau breads, bread of the newlyweds. It continues with fresh pasta, which offers an equally wide variety: malloreddus filindeu, lorighittas, fregola.

sardinia-expo-2015Dozens of recipes will also be described in detail in the islander corners present at the Universal Exhibition, allowing visitors to take advantage of this opportunity, which can not be defined otherwise than “greedy”.

Sardinia is also at the Pavilion of Biodiversity, at Palazzo Itala, where it was staged a green area in which 21 essences represent the regional specificities and peculiarities. Aa a symbol of the island has been elected the cork, material of vegetable origin, appreciated in different fields of production, especially for its versatility and for its insulating ability.

“Stazzi e Cussogghj 2015″

Now in its fourth edition “Stazzi e Cussogghj“, the traveling exhibition that aims to discover and value the traditions, the knowledge and tastes of Gallura.

stazzi-cussogghj-2015Although part of Sardinia, Gallura has always had special features that make it unique, they are indeed different the history, culture and the relation with landscape and nature that, over the years, have characterized this area of the island. Slogan of this event is “With the cart and oxen on the paths of Memory”, indicating a real journey to discover the historical and cultural roots of the most picturesque towns of Gallura, with its customs, its crafts and its culinary excellences.

The 2015 edition, which started on April 12th from the Rural Sanctuary of Our Lady of Castro in Oschiri, will see Santa Teresa di Gallura protagonist of the weekend of 9 and 10 May. The theme of this year will be “Earth and Sea – Lu Coiu (The Wedding)“: from the natural union between land and sea, emblem of the whole Sardinia, but especially of Gallura, you go to the local rites celebrated on the occasion of wedding, complete with traditional costumes.

Enriched with four locations more than last edition, this unusual and surprising journey will continue with its steps up to Luogosanto, where it will end on June 21st. An event with a magical atmosphere, full of charm and suggestion, a unique opportunity for those who, in addition to enjoying the spectacular nature, are looking for the most authentic identity of Gallura.

Porto Cervo Wine Festival 2015

Now in its 7th edition one of the most popular events of Porto Cervo, the Wine Festival.

porto-cervo-wine-festival-2015Organized by the hotels Cervo, Cala di Volpe, Pitrizza and Romazzino, in a few years this event has become a must. The Porto Cervo Wine Festival began as a meeting point between prestigious wineries, selected international buyers, operators of the HoReCa channel and a increasingly wide audience of fans and consumers.

Hosted by the exclusive setting of the Cervo Conference Center, in the heart of Porto Cervo, the 2015 edition will open on May 15th at 15:00 with the opening ceremony. Like every year, the program is full of appointments: tastings, book presentations and the unmissable gourmet dinners, of which this year will be “directors” the chefs Stefano Baiocco and Fabio Baldassarre.

porto-cervo-wine-festival-2015Among the many guests expected, deserves a special note Sonia Peronaci, creator of GialloZafferano. Cooking site among the most visited in Italy, it turns out to be much loved even abroad. It will be the intervention of Peronaci to close the program schedule, on Sunday, May 17th at 16:00, in the beautiful garden of the Cervo Conference Center.

Special moment, this year too, will be the Fashion Wine Walk. An unusual and fascinating entertainment, a walk through the tasting of wine excellences present at the event, and the luster of the boutiques of the Piazzetta, where the big fashion brands will exhibit their unique pieces for the summer collection 2015.

The only way to capture the magical atmosphere that reigns during the Porto Cervo Wine Festival is to participate: do not miss it!

Spring in Sardinia: a feast of colors and scents.

After the success of “Autumn in Barbagia”, also Sardinian spring becomes the protagonist of a similar initiative: “Spring in Marghine Ogliastra and Baronia“.

Organized and promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Nuoro and Aspen, with the cooperation of the participating Municipal Administrations, the event will start on April 18th and will keep company to those who will decide to participate until June 28th, 2015.

spring-sardinia-2015The calendar of the event includes 16 stop-over to discover some splendid hamlets and the natural and historical beauties of some of the most characteristic villages of Sardinia. From the intense green of the lush vegetation of the inland, to the delicate turquoise nuances of the crystal clear sea and golden reflexes of beaches of fine sand, a path that fascinates, through ancient courts open to the public expressly for the occasion.

The formula “cortes apertas” (open courtyards) is inspired by the one adopted for “Autumn in Barbagia”, and has proven successful also in this spring version. The mild climate, flora in full bloom, with its vivid colors and its enveloping aromas, are the perfect setting to discover the charm of the Sardinian tradition. During the various stages will be possible to relive the magic of the ancient crafts, of which great masters have kept the art over the years, and taste the culinary excellences of the island.

An exciting itinerary, which this year enriches with 6 villages more than last edition, making this journey into the most authentic heart of Sardinia a really unforgettable experience.

International Wine Marketing Workshop at Wineyards Surrau

Always been a leading product of Sardinia, wine has recently been the protagonist of a three days of excellence, held in Arzachena on 22-23 and 24 January, at the prestigious Vigne Surrau.

wineyards-surrauChosen venue for the latest workshop of International Wine Marketing, the important Sardinian wine house hosted big names of the sector that have contributed to the success of the event with their experience and with interesting speeches on the various discussed topics: Global consumer trends and wine markets, Conseumer trends and future consumer, Case studies on Sardinian wines in the US market, Strategic winw marketing wine, From strategy to tactics: the role of the brand origin and of marketing related to the territory, Tourism of wine or wine for tourism?.

Organized in collaboration with Wine Intelligence, leading company in market research and analysis of the consumer at international level, the seminar has seen experts, professors and businessmen alternating their speeches, in order to train the participants in a professional way for the delicate and demanding challenge represented by a fruitful international wine marketing.

international-wine-marketingThe primary objective of the event was to teach participants how to identify the strong points of companies and territory, and how to best use these elements to differentiate themselves from competitors and to conceive a successful strategy of promotion and marketing.

Ended with a definitely positive balance, both in the opinion of the speakers and of the participants, the event has confirmed the leading position of Sardinia in the international wine market and its huge potential for growth thanks to a very high quality product.

Santa Claus is coming to Sardinia!

Now in its 33rd edition, is in full swing the by now unmissable event Fiera Natale.

fiera-natale-2014-sardiniaFrom 12 to 23 December 2014, the International Fair of Sardinia, Cagliari, will host the largest event that the island dedicates to Christmas and the end of year festivities.

An explosion of lights and colors that has something to offer to anyone who decides to visit it: young and old, businessmen and guests. Great exhibition of all Sardinian excellences, is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the most authentic and genuine flavors and aromas of the island, but also to admire the craftsmanship of local artisans and the accuracy of their works, unique pieces entirely handmade.

Inexhaustible source of really original gift ideas and inspiration for a different Christmas menu, Fiera Natale includes paths of gluttonous food & wine tasting, tasting of fine wine Sardinian products, live demonstrations of realization of the excellent typical craftsmanship of the island and, above all, educational, recreational and artistic workshops tailored to the real protagonists of Christmas: children.

christmas-sardiniaPromoted and organized by the Internatiopnal Fair of Sardinia, Fiera Natale is also a precious opportunity for local agricultural, food and wine holdings which pursue the policy of “zero kilometer”, that is the direct transfer of quality products directly from producer to consumer.

It goes without saying that Fiera Natale could also become a great “pretext” to treat yourself to a fantastic Christmas in Sardinia and take the opportunity to visit the many places of historical, archaeological and artistic interest that make the island a place of mysterious and timeless charm.

What better Christmas gift than the suggestion of the winter sea and the magical atmosphere of Sardinia? Your first gift comes straight from Fiera Natale: entrance is free!

Sardinia protagonist of Expo 2015

It is now running the countdown to the start of one of the most important events to be held in Italy: Expo 2015.

expo-2015On the occasion of this great global event our country is preparing to welcome millions of tourists from all over the world, and could not miss a significant representation of a reality of excellence as that of Sardinia.

Sardinia fits perfectly into the theme chosen for Expo 2015, nutrition and, more in general, the nourishment of man and planet. The island boasts in fact a wide variety of food and wine products exquisite and renowned all over the world: cheese, meat, fish, olive oil, honey, sweets, high quality wines and spirits flavored with typical local herbs, especially the famous myrtle.

Sardinia also joined to an interesting project that involves the construction of Expo districts outside of Milan, with the aim to offer all visitors a unique opportunity to discover the Italian reality in all its variegated beauty, given also by the harmonious combination between the different and unique regional and local contexts.

Among the cities involved stands out Cagliari, which proposes Poetto beach as a symbol of Italy at Expo. The goal they’re aspiring to is a relaunch in great style of tourism in Sardinia, through the creation of tourist packages specifically designed food-wine-sardiniaand a schedule of events that can meet all kinds of needs, making of hospitality the strong point of the entire project.

First in line for promotion of this initiative are the local governments, hotels and tourist facilities in Cagliari, the province and the whole island, in collaboration with Sogaer, the company that manages the airport of Cagliari, which is actively engaging in negotiations with various airline companies to ensure that, during the course of the Expo, are established new connections and increased flight frequencies.

This Italian stage of the Universal Exhibition is an unrepeatable and undeniable opportunity to promote our country, with all its inimitable environmental, artistic and gastronomic beauties, recognized and appreciated all over the world, and that will be shown at their best during this event, enhanced by being in their original context.