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Spring in Sardinia: a feast of colors and scents.

After the success of “Autumn in Barbagia”, also Sardinian spring becomes the protagonist of a similar initiative: “Spring in Marghine Ogliastra and Baronia“.

Organized and promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Nuoro and Aspen, with the cooperation of the participating Municipal Administrations, the event will start on April 18th and will keep company to those who will decide to participate until June 28th, 2015.

spring-sardinia-2015The calendar of the event includes 16 stop-over to discover some splendid hamlets and the natural and historical beauties of some of the most characteristic villages of Sardinia. From the intense green of the lush vegetation of the inland, to the delicate turquoise nuances of the crystal clear sea and golden reflexes of beaches of fine sand, a path that fascinates, through ancient courts open to the public expressly for the occasion.

The formula “cortes apertas” (open courtyards) is inspired by the one adopted for “Autumn in Barbagia”, and has proven successful also in this spring version. The mild climate, flora in full bloom, with its vivid colors and its enveloping aromas, are the perfect setting to discover the charm of the Sardinian tradition. During the various stages will be possible to relive the magic of the ancient crafts, of which great masters have kept the art over the years, and taste the culinary excellences of the island.

An exciting itinerary, which this year enriches with 6 villages more than last edition, making this journey into the most authentic heart of Sardinia a really unforgettable experience.

Elegance, luxury and refinement: we present the New Exclusive Residences in the heart of Porto Cervo

vistaThis fall season from mild and pleasant climate, which seems to want to give back a little ‘heat of the summer, it is ideal to discover the new real estate opportunities in Costa Smeralda Gallura.
In Porto Cervo in the heart of Costa Smeralda, the sun is still warm and light up the little squares and alleys, creating a magical, peaceful and private atmosphere, far from the sparkling summer one, but just as impressive.

The residential complex of Piazza del Principe overlooks Porto Cervo Marina and offers a spectacular view on the small town and the sea. Designed by architect Le Suisse the residences are characterized by elegance, style and sophistication; attention to details and the finishes of the highest quality give great exclusivity to the complex. Each apartment offers the charm of a painting is a painting where nature has been shaped by man wisely.

The living spaces are designed to ensure comfort, usability, high quality materials and refined taste. Each apartment is a surprise with sensory pathways, palpable in materials, stones, in the woods which create continuity between the natural environment and the refined interiors.
Plastering in natural colors, wrought iron ornaments, wooden window, handmade frames, antique tiles and terracotta floors create elegant and exclusive style and design which enhance the traditional architecture typical of the Costa Smeralda.principale_1

The apartments are available in various sizes and can be customized in the interior design and furnishings. You can choose the practical and functional apartments or prestigious and elegant penthouses with magnificent views over the Marina. Each apartment has a well-defined personality under the common denominator of luxury, sophistication, attention to detail and wise use of materials.

We invite you to Sardinia to discover these extraordinary residences and the unparalleled context in which they are set; a journey of style, sophistication and luxury in one of the most picturesque corners of Costa Smeralda.

Italian Dream

The “Bel Paese” (“Beautiful Country”) does not betray its reputation.

According to a research published in June 2014 by the NAR, National Association of Realtors, in Washington, Italy is in fact the most sought after country by real estate investors from one year now.

italian-dreamFine art, delicious wine, historic sites, picturesque landscapes and fantastic food: these are the factors that have allowed Italy to climb to the top step of the podium, ahead of Jamaica and Mexico.

Places of incomparable charm, manufacturing products of the highest quality and a renowned throughout the world culinary tradition make Italy the most sought-after country by those seeking their dream home.

The perfect combination of nature, culture and tradition make the Italian peninsula an ideal place for everyone, young and old, able to fulfill the most simple dreams, but also to meet the expectations of the most demanding.

Fabulous houses in natural settings that look like masterpiece paintings: if that’s what you always wanted, what are you waiting to come to Italy?

Pevero for Ladies

Like every year, June is the month when the Costa Smeralda and Porto Cervo get prepared the forthcoming summer season; On Cala di Volpe Bay yachts and luxury boats show up, while the familiar faces of the international jet set start to get noticed in the squares and alleys of downtown. Even the Pevero Golf comes alive with the first major races of the season.

Pevero GolfOn June 8, the race “Podium Sport” was held with a run “Race to the Pro Am“, with the opportunity for the winner to attend, free of charge, at the Open Pro Am of Italy in late August, at the Circolo Golf Torino.
Last weekend the cup “Town of Arzachena”, sponsored by the homonymous municipality was a recognition of the prestige and importance of this golf circuit throughout the country.

Flagship event of the month of June, is undoubtedly, the “Pevero For Ladies”, scheduled from June 20th to 22nd ; one of the most intriguing sports events of the Emerald calendar. Surrounded by the picturesque scenery of the course of Pevero, which offers breathtaking views over the bay of Cala di Volpe, the “ladies” will be engaged in three days of exciting races. golf_pevero_3

Pevero for Ladies has been confirmed, in recent years, as an opportunity to plunge into the glamour of the many events organized in Costa Smeralda; For 2014 edition, alongside the sporting calendar, the sponsors have provided for exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, shopping and a must-see show; the top event on Saturday, June 21st at the Hotel Petra Bianca with the participation of Paolo Migone.

The award ceremony will be held Sunday, June 22nd at MDM Museum of the Promenade du Port in a ceremony that will see the winner of the previous year to help thread the ring to the new award.

Costa Smeralda top ranked luxury location

costa-smeralda-sardegnaAccording to a recent study by the London  firm Candy & Candy , Costa Smeralda  is in second place in the ranking of the most sought after international destinations for real estate values,   exclusivity of supply and services, luxury tourism.

The demand for holiday homes in luxury resorts has increased by more than 30 million dollars:
the number of super-rich, with a high net worth over 30 million dollars , grew by 34% between 2009 and 2012.
This has led to an increase in demand for luxury homes in the most exclusive and sought after all over the world.

Costa Smeralda  is in second place in the list of the most desirable locations: for exclusivity and attractiveness of the offer, for the quality of proposals and residential services , and of course the peculiar characteristics of the localities in which they are inserted .

Costa Smeralda  with its 35 kilometers of coastline, beaches and bays  with its range of services and residences of the highest level, attracts every year visitors and high profile investors .

Open House Immobilsarda 2013

Open House Immobilsarda 2013

The holiday week April 25 – May 1, 2013 will offer to lovers of Sardinia a further opportunity.

Immobilsarda, leading agency in Real Estate on the Sardinian territory for more than 30 years, has decided to renew the Open House events. The offices of Porto Cervo, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Porto Rafael and Capo Ceraso will be open and their staff will be at your disposal.

It will be possible to be guided to discover the most charming properties guarded from the island, to appreciate the accuracy of the details and the personality that each of them expresses, to admire picturesque views that no other corner of the world can offer.

In addition, the team Immobilsarda awaits you in its showroom at Piazzetta degli Archi in Porto Cervo, where will be happy to offer you a drink and make you enjoy a “taste of Gallura.”

The architectural phenomenon of Costa Smerlda

The birth of Costa Smeralda in the early ’60s wasn’t just a political and economic phenomenon, but a real cultural revolution. It marked the beginning of a new tourist development in the area and attracted, thanks to the figure of the patron Karim Agha Khan, entrepreneurs, architects, artists, and groups of philanthropists from all over the world, who worked together to transform 5000 acres of unspoiled land in one of the most prestigious coasts of the Mediterranean.

porto cervo chiesaFrom the beginning, they acted respecting the environment and its ecosystem, making it accessible with the necessary infrastructures. To ensure a sustainable development, regulations on landscape protection and laws to defend the costal heritage were issued since the 70’s.

The first settlements like Porto Cervo, were designed by architects such as Luigi Vietti, Jacques Cuelle, Michele Busiri Vici etc. that gave birth to the so-called Mediterranean style, distinctive of Costa Smeralda and based on simple shapes, repeated arches, evident volumes, and pastel-colored plaster to pursue a “natural” integration with the territory.
The development designed by these artists had as common guidelines a deep respect for nature together with great attention in the choice of materials, and the use of simple and elitist architectural formulas, designed to enhance the natural environment. Starting Villa Couellefrom that base they tried to give their own personal and professional touch, creating unique architectural episodes, quite original.

  The architecture of Jacques and Savin Cuelle, father and son, original artists from Swiss, is characterized by plasticity and creativity in the use of building elements and materials, which creates a constant contamination between the arts of sculpture and architecture. Often, their construction takes the form of sculptures where the stiffness of lines and angles gives way to soft, rounded lines.
Great attention is given to the use of materials typical of the area, especially granite and wood, building edifices with curved lines, vaulted ceilings, twisted juniper beams, unique niches and many elaborate details using rare materials.

Jean-Claude Lesuisse, Savin Cuelle’s student, takes inspiration from natural elements like sea wind and rocks, trying to catch nature’s breath and movement and to express them in a spontaneous architecture which constantly listen to nature and men, undermining the old standards and the so-called mental symmetries: an organic architecture in an original and preserved environment.

Luigi Vietti, designer of some of the most famous venues in Porto Cervo was perhaps the most careful interpreter of Mediterranean style, creating masterpieces such as the village of Porto Cervo and numerous residential complexes, characterized by wide open spaces and an innovative concept of luxury, based on the essentiality of expressive forms and the use of quality materials.

Stile MediterraneoMichele Busiri Vici has developed a unique style inspired by Mediterranean Architecture, characterized by extremely soft architectural forms, exterior coated with plaster, and repeated decorative elements (such as chimneys, the arches, triangular slots, the tile and ceramics Mediterranean) which make a decisive contribution to the creation of the contemporary landscape of Costa Smeralda.

In addition to the unique natural features, that have made it famous throughout the world, Sardinia boasts a remarkable architectural heritage, which over time has influenced its urban development, trying to capture and return the most authentic aspects of this land.

Villa i due mari

Villa I due Mari is a stunning property, a real master piece by renowned architect and artist Savin Couelle, beautifully intergrated in the Pevero Golf area, with views spanning from Cala di Volpe Bay to Pevero Bay, dominating the Golf course. 3000sqmt of park that gently slopes towards the sea and blends in with the surrounding golf course: an effect that creates a continuity between the green areas; the private park of the property and the golf course become as one.

villa dei due mari

The style: the highest quality materials have been carefully selected and skilfully placed. Harmony and serenity prevail both externally and internally. Pure Pleasure and Relax: the concept of wellbeing is felt in every space of the property, it begins internally and continues outdoors, in the spacious verandahs, in the terraces and patios, in the swimming pool; areas of pure pleasure, to share with family and friends.

The materials, natural stone, wood, glass, fine metals, all of highest quality, are capably worked by the hands of the Architect and by his true masters of craftmanship, creating sophistication and uniqueness. The spaces are characterised by niches, arches, curved lines, studied to live in simplicity, recreating the atmosphere of a magical old village centre. There is a strong link to the island’s past and traditions. The craftmanship expresses itself through the complex laying of natural stone, creating an everchanging effect of light, shades, natural shadows that give depth. The personal touch and vision of the Artist Savin Couelle have created a timeless masterpiece.

The property consists of two villas with a total of 7 double bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms, 2 guest bathrooms, 2 laundries/staff area, 4 living rooms with sliding doors that open onto panoramic terraces, 3 fully equipped kitchens, swimming pool, ‘nuraghe’ jacuzzi situated in panoramic position, spacious garage, 2 entrances. Strategically located within walking distance of Cala di Volpe Hotel, mooring piers and Pevero Golf Club

The peculiarity of this home is that he was crafted by the well-known architect Savin Cuelle, one of the most original contemporary architects. Jacques Savin Cuelle was born inFrance, and “adopted” fromSardiniafor which he has a deep love; the appeal of his works is the ability to combine the canons of tradition (age-old culture and high ethnographic value) with  personal fantasy and inexhaustible desire to experiment. Despite being a well known man, who often works on the international jet set, the architect is a very private person who prefers tranquillity and contemplation, surrounded by nature and the environment of  Arzachena, a place which is a continual stimulus to reflect on the relationship between tradition and innovation. Constant commitment to listening and analysis of the original values and the interpretation of the context, are part of a particular way of making architecture in which innovation is closely related with tradition and creativity.

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