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Presented the YCCS Calendar 2015

On February 27th in Milan was presented the calendar of 2015 sailing season of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda.

The regattas will start in the winter headquarters of the YCCS, the British Virgin Islands, where between March 3rd and April 18th will be held the second edition of the Rolex Swan Cup Carribean, the fifth edition of the Caribbean Superyacht Regatta and Rendezvous and the Oyster Cup BVI.

2015-yccs-calendarFrom May 22nd to 24th, the traditional appointment with the Golf and Sailing Trophy will open the events in Porto Cervo, followed by the Europe Smeralda 888 Cup, which will be held on June 26th to 28th and the YCCS Social Championship, scheduled on August 9th.

To be considered almost as a calendar of its own, the one established for the superyachts competitions.

Inaugurated by the fifth edition of the Dubois Cup, from May 28th to 30th, and the prestigious Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta, from June 2nd to 6th, will restart after the summer break with the sixth edition of the Perini Navi Cup, from September 2nd to 5th.

Conclusion in style will be a competition that always ranks among the most spectacular: the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup and Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship.

It is expected that, as every year, the giants of the sea will attract a large audience of fans and not only. In addition to sailors, ship owners and members of the various staffs, Porto Cervo is preparing to welcome all those who will decide to attend to the races with a series of events, thanks to which it will be possible to appreciate the diamond point of the Costa Smeralda in all its renowned splendor.

2 to 7 March 2015: Flights suspended in Olbia

From Monday 02nd March to Saturday 7th March 2015 included, all flights at the Airport Olbia Costa Smeralda will be suspended.

olbia-costa-smeralda-airportThe official announcement comes from Geasar, the company that manages the airport of Olbia. The latter, in collaboration with ENAC, National Civil Aviation Authority, has planned for the week at issue some works of requalification of the flight runway.

At the moment the airport of Alghero is the leading candidate where will be redirected passengers who, for various reasons, will not be able to get along without leaving from/to Sardinia during the renovation period. Geasar and ENAC are also discussing with some local transport companies the opportunity to establish a bus service with fee between the airports of Olbia and Alghero. This alternative solution will be valid also for all those who were already in possession of a ticket for the days involved by the suspension of flights in Olbia, who should consult the Customer Assistance Office of their own flight agency as soon as possible.

During the works, Geasar organized a series of technology, sports, culture, food and wine events that will be open to all and free. Fairport, this is the name of the event, will begin on Thursday, March 5th  at 17:00 and will end on Saturday, March 7th at 21:00. For visitors will be available free parking and baby parking, also free, with inflatable games and entertainers ready to take care of your children and play with them.
Download here the complete program.


All updates will be posted on the website:

Anyone who needs to book a flight from/to Sardinia in the days between March 02nd and 7th 2015 is kindly invited to visit the website:

The Information Office of Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport is available for further information and/or clarification at the following contacts:
Tel. +39 0789 563444

Windsurf Grand Slam 2015

The days are already lengthening, and despite winter temperatures, the sun high in the sky tickles the desire of summer.

windsurf-grand-slam-2015Here then that Santa Teresa di Gallura is already organizing to offer one of the most spectacular manifestations that will enliven the summer 2015 in Sardinia: the Windsurfing Grand Slam, which for the third time in Italy will take place at the same time of the National Championships AICW (Italian Association Windsurfing Classes).

The latter foresee competitions of four disciplines: Freestyle, Slalom, Formula and Raceboard, one more spectacular than the other. The main attraction, however, will be the Windsurfing Grand Slam, the most important long-distance contest in the history of Italian windsurfing.

Hosted by the fantastic natural setting of the beach of Coluccia Porto Liscia, favorite destination for all windsurfing lovers, the competitions will also be a perfect opportunity for companies of the sector. Here in fact they will be able to promote their brand with a selected clientele, also participating in the national-campionship-aicw-2015organization of the rich calendar of events tailored to broaden and enrich the experience of the sportsmen, and to invite those who are still stranger to this world to approach it and to know it better.

Current predictions talk about at least 400 members for 2015 edition, but the event participants will certainly be a lot more, because of helpers, supporters, fans and also curious spectators. Santa Teresa is then getting ready to be the most popular Sardinian location of summer 2015. Do not miss it!

Sardinia: paradise of climbing.

Climbing is not needed to conquer the mountains: the mountains remain motionless, after an adventure it’s us who are no longer the same.

climbing-sardiniaIn the heart of adventure, suspended between air, land and water, in a pristine natural gym.
The most common idea of Sardinia is as one of the most beautiful seaside location in the world. Actually, the island is a real paradise also for lovers of climbing.

In Sardinia there are several outdoor locations suitable to practice climbing in all seasons, thanks to the beautiful landscapes and the mild climate that invites you to spend time outdoors. Climbing is a fascinating sport that allows you to have a strong bond with the surrounding environment.
Sardinian territory has to offer several types of rocks: mainly composed by limestone, of excellent quality, in Gallura also stand out majestic granite complex and can be found, although rare, even small basalt rock formations.

The Sardinian location best known among fans of climbing is definitely Baunei, in the north-eastern Sardinia, about 8 km from the Gulf of Arbatax. Known for the pristine and picturesque beauty of its mountainous territory and the breathtaking views it offers to visitors, is the ideal destination for anyone who loves to fully enjoy nature. Starting from the most affordable trekking, difficulty rises gradually, until you get to real climbing and more recent bouldering.

Expanding gaze to the whole Gallura, the best known climbing areas are: the top of Siniscola, with different routes carved climbing-sardiniainto limestone, suitable for different levels of experience and competence; the peak of San Teodoro with ita granite rocks, and Capo Testa with routes beautifully carved in white-grey granite.

Thanks to the inimitable charm of the place, even the Financial Times mentioned it in an article, describing it as “most dramatic trekking route“.

Grand Finale for the Rolex Swan Cup 2014

It ended yesterday, on Saturday 14th September 2014, the eighteenth edition of the Rolex Swan Cup & Swan 45 World Championship, in a beautiful sunny day.

rolex-swan-cup-2014Six impressive and spectacular fleets, divided by category, for a total of more than 90 yachts, battled during the week just ended in the clear waters of the Costa Smeralda, thrilling both experts and mere spectators.

Big celebrations for the six winners: the Bavarian Wohpe for the Swan 60, the British Nikata for the Swan 82, the Japanese Yasha for the Swan 56, another British one, Finola, for the Swan 36, the German Earlybird for the Swan 45 and the Romanian Natalia for the Swan 42.

The awards ceremony, as every year, enlivened the Piazza Azzurra of Porto Cervo. In addition to celebrating the winners, this great event represented the official closure of the 2014 sailing season of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda. The sporting calendar continues at the YCCS seat of Virgin Gorda, in the British Virgin Islands, where, in March 2015, will take place the second edition of the Rolex Swan Cup Carribean, always dedicated to the Nautor’s Swan fleet.

The YCCS Commodore, Riccardo Bonadeo, said he was pleased with the enthusiasm that the Rolex Swan Cup keeps raising, rolex-swan-cup-2014year after year, and made an appointment to everyone for the next edition, that following the trend of steady growth of the latest years, promises to show in water increasingly advanced boats, always more experienced crews and, therefore, more and more exciting competitions.

Happy birthday Porto Rotondo!

The typical Sardinian village of Porto Rotondo is 50 years old.

Commissioned by a group of businessmen, including the Count of Monselice, Vittorio Cini, and the English banker George Frank and constructed in 1964 by the Venetians Luigi and Nicolò Donà dalle Rose. Porto Rotondo is one of the most picturesque locations in Gallura and popular tourist destination in Sardinia, for Italian and international tourists.

50-years-porto-rotondoFor the occasion of the 50th anniversary, the rich calendar of events of Porto Rotondo Festival 2014 continues, opened in April and still in full swing.

Cineforum, concerts, sporting events and cultural activities for all ages and all tastes. For the joy of children, August 26th there will be the PortoRotondoSurprise Music. Piazza San Marco will be the stage for performances by street artists with nice animals. In the evening, the task of entertaining the young audience will be for the friends of the Circus Lander, the last Sardinian circus, accompanied by “Voci Bianche Don Bosco” of Arborea and the O.L.Y.V.E., Ogliastra Live Youth Vocal Ensemble.

Not to be missed, for fans but not only, the program of “Cinema Under the Stars”, which offers outstanding titles outstanding of the last cinematographic season, including “12 Years Slave” (August 25) and “The Story of a book thief” (17 September).

In organizing the event calendar, sport lovers have not been forgotten, in fact they could devote themselves to deep-sea fishing competitions and get captivated in the exciting races that will cut the waters of Porto Rotondo until mid-October.

The Porto Rotondo Festival will close on September 5th with an evening of live music: the Duo Piazzolla, composed by Stefano Maffizzoni on the flute and Luigi Puddu on the guitar, will perform in the Church of San Lorenzo at 21:00. Both musicians of unrivaled versatility and skill, will perform a repertoire that will range from jazz to classical music, to the more summery and engaging Latin American music.

What better opportunity, then, than the 50th anniversary of its foundation to discover this corner of paradise nestled in the beautiful natural setting of Sardinia.

Grand Finale: Rolex Regattas 2014

Summer remains the undisputed lady of the wonderful coasts of Sardinia, with its coves of fine white sand, its limpid sea and the endless opportunities for fun and relaxation for everyone that the island offers.

Only a few weeks left and preparations for two of the most important races of the season are in full swing in Porto Cervo. From 31 August to 6 September in fact will take place the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, will from 8 to 14 September the protagonist will be the Rolex Swan Cup.

Valid for world titles of Mini Maxi and Swan 45 classes, these two competitions promise to gather at the Yacht Club rolex-regaqttas-2014Costa Smeralda in Porto Cervo thousands of sailing lovers, among expert practitioners and enthusiast viewers.

For the occasion, the crystal clear waters of the Costa Smeralda will be cut by 36 sailboats for the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup and over 86 boats for the Rolex Swan Cup. This majestic parade of giants of the sea will include both the most modern and high-performing competition models and the most elegant and stately vintage yacht.

Among regulars and newcomers, the fleets that will contend for the two titles will be definitely varied and armed by big names in the sector, as Niklas Zennstrom and Hap Fauth, who will battle promising crews recently formed, like the one of Italian Robertissima, owned by the YCCS member Roberto Tomasini Grinover.

Alongside the competitions a full calendar of social events dedicated to ship owners and crews. Welcome cocktail, private dinners, Crew Party and post-race refreshments, up to the award ceremonies which will be held 6 and 14 September in the beautiful scenery of Piazza Azzurra.

A season conclusion really up to all the spectacular events that have enlivened it: do not miss the grand finale!

First come to Padrongianus…

In the second half of this July 2014, the River Park Padrongianus rewards the impatient ones. The first visitors at the opening will indeed be honored with gadgets and discounts on equipment.

Every Tuesday, the first visitor that will require renting a bike or a kayak will have a t-shirt as a gift.
Wednesday is dedicated to mountain bikers: for the first two visitors, the first hour of bike rental will be free.
padrongianus-events-july-2014On Thursday it is the turn of the fans of emotions on the surface of the water, the first hour of kayak rental will be free for the first two people who will require it.

On Friday, the park aims to accompany its guests to discover the nature and history of the area. From 18:30 to 20:00 exclusive free tours open to everyone will guide visitors through the picturesque environment of the park, first on board a photovoltaic vehicle, then a pleasant walk up to the hill in the south of the park, where is situated the famous archaeological site of Nuraghe Torra.

For those who prefer relaxing holidays, on Saturdays and Sundays the Park Padrongianus will be open all day from 10:00 to 20:00. An ideal place to enjoy the open air, alone or with the whole family, thanks to the play area for the little ones, the gazebo, perfect for picnics and birthday parties, and the endless opportunities for sports and excursions that the park offers.

Do not miss this dive in the beautiful nature of Sardinia, and hurry up: first come, first receiving a gift!

La Maddalena-Caprera Half Marathon 2014

It’s already started the countdown for the 2nd edition of the Maddalena-Caprera Half Marathon.

maddalena-caprera-half-marathonOrganized by the Italian champion Salvatore Bettiol, the 21 km more evocative of Italy is scheduled for September 21, starting at 9:00 am from Piazza Umberto 1 °, in the town of La Maddalena.

For this great sporting event there will be a 10 km open to anyone who wants to measure onself and devote oneself to a full immersion in the unique nature of Sardinia. The real competition, however, are the 21, 097 km dedicated to professionals. Difficult to concentrate on the race without being distracted by the wonders of the enchanting natural environment through which runs the path of the Maddalena-Caprera Half Marathon, which will be also included in the national calendar of FIDAL, the Italian Federation of Athletics.

maddalena-caprera-half-marathon-courseCurrently leading the Bettiol Sports Events, the Italian former champion has made of the Maddalena-Caprera Half Marathon the forerunner of a series of sporting events that will debut soon in other parts of Italy. “The Archipelago de La Maddalena is a unique place in the world – said Bettiol. The ideal to combine vacation and race in a time of the season in which the archipelago is beautiful, in agreement with the institutions and voluntary associations, who have understood the importance of the event and will be on our side this year too . On our side, we promise a second edition of the Maddalena-Caprera Half Marathon even more beautiful than the first.”

A perfect opportunity to stay outdoors, keep fit and discover unexplored corners of the spectacular nature of Sardinia, perfect fusion between the blue sea and sky, the green of the Mediterranean vegetation and natural granite rock sculptures carved by the wind.

Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta 2014

It is already in full swing the VII Edition of the Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta.

loro-piana-superyacht-regatta-2014A fleet of 21 superyachts will give battle in the crystal clear waters in which rises the Archipelago de La Maddalena. Divided into three categories, according to the technical specifications, these giants of navigation will sail the sea off the coasts of Sardinia for 5 days.

Organized by the title sponsor Loro Piana, in collaboration with Boat International Media, the event is one of the flagships of the calendar of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in Porto Cervo.

True pearls of nautical engineering, born from the love for the sea and the long experience of sector experts all over the world, the specimens in the race represent a sampling of excellence: sloop, wallycento and beautiful yachts from 23 meters to the 46 meters Ganesha, the masterpiece designed by Dubois Naval Architects and built by Vitters Shipyard.

Not less important are the sailors of fame that, since its debut in 2008, bring even more prestige to the event. Among the participants of this year stand out the names of the American Tom Whidden, a veteran of America’s Cup, the Danish yacht-club-costa-smeraldachampion Jesper Bank, Peter Holmberg and Jochen Schumann, winners of the America’s Cup, the award-winning Francesco De Angelis, the New Zealander Cameron Appleton and the Scottish Olympic champion Shirley Robertson.

Around this important sporting event, like every year, will gravitate a series of equally prestigious events such as cocktail parties, gourmet dinners and gala parties for shipowners, crews and all their guests, up to the awards ceremony, which will take place on Saturday 7th June in Piazza Azzurra.

News of this year is the possibility to follow the races in real time on the Live Tracking from the site of YCCS or by following the Twitter profile of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda (# LPregatta14).

This year too, the spectacular parade of the giants of the sea will be one of the highlights of the season: absolutely unmissable!